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1. A Study Of The Social Structure And Social Stratification In Contemporary Arab Countries
2. A Study Of Modernization Process Of The United Arab Emirates
3. Accommodation And Domination: The United States-israeli Peace Talks Policy (1973-1979)
4. Israel's Northern Border With The Arab Peace Talks: Conflict And Cooperation Of The Game
5. Who Create Chaos In The Middle East
6. Eu Policy On The Arab Study
7. Analysis On Big Powers' Factors In The Arab-Israel Conflict
8. Analysis Of U.S. Public Diplomacy
9. On The Use And Influence Of Oil Weapons Of Arab Countries In The Fourth Middle-East War
10. Soviet Policy Towards Israel From 1947 To 1957
11. The Analysis Of The Rise And Fall Of The UAR
12. Analysis On The Nationalistic Factors In The Theory And Practice Of The Arab Ba'th Socialist Party
13. On The Arab-Israeli Water Issues Of Jordan River
14. Analysis Of The Relationship Between Iran And Arab-Israeli Conflict
15. Research On The Relationship Between England And Israel(1948-1973)
16. Preliminary Studies Of The Arab Communist Movement
17. The Fourth Middle East War
18. A Comparative Study On The Influence Of Lobbying Group On American Foreign Policy
19. A Study On The Development Of The League Of Arab States
20. "Zone All The Way" Strategy With China And The Arab Countries Of Energy Cooperation
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