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1. Quebec, Canada's Post-war Political Nationalism
2. Research On Canada's Local Government Merging And Restructuring Reform
3. New Democratic Party Of Canada And The Influence To Canada's Electoral Reform
4. Canada's New Democratic Party And Its Political Functions
5. The Enlightenment For China's Rural Social Security That Comes From Canada's Rural Social Security
6. Canada's New Development Of Defamation Defenses And Enlightenment
7. Canada's Policy Toward China: Independent Factors (1940 S - 1970 - S) With The United States,
8. A Study Of Canada's Arctic Policy With Reference To Theories Of Middle Power Diplomatic Behavior (1945-2015)
9. A Comparative Study Of Canada's And China's Current Religious Policies
10. The Research On The Legal System Of Canada's Foreign Investment Review
11. A Research On Canada's Roles In The Global Health Governance
12. Canada's Policy In The Arctic Game Of Sovereignty And Its Implications For China
13. Canada's Atomic Wedge:The Rationale For Canada's Renewed Nuclear Cooperation With India
14. From Aid To Cooperation:Canada's Aid Toward China(1940s-2010s)
15. Urban Battleground: The Policing of Dissent in Canada's Capital
16. Media, identity, and international relations: The Arctic and Inuit in film and Canada's Arctic foreign policy
17. Introducing competition into regulated network industries: From hierarchies to markets in Canada's railroad industry
18. An evaluation of Canada's ability to protect leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea), with a focus on their Atlantic Ocean habitats
19. Leaders in conflict: Diefenbaker, Kennedy, and Canada's response to the Cuban Missile Crisis
20. Evaluating Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit: A geographic perspective
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