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1. Synthetic Literati Control: A Challenge To Huntington 's Military - Political Relations Theory
2. New Perspectives On The Force Of Administrative Action
3. A Study Of Fair Use Of Copyright Law
4. The Study Of Ideological And Political Education Within View Of Globalization
5. Political Authority And Contemporary China Political Development
6. Research On Marxist Ideology In Present China
7. The Challenge Of The Exception: A Study On Carl Schmitt's Theory Of State Emergency Powers
8. The Research Of The Government's Credibility
9. The Challenge Of Marx's To The Tradition Of Western Political Thought
10. U.S. East Asian Strategy After The Cold War: Bottom-lines, Challenges And Policies, 1989-2009
11. Knowledge-based Economy And Socialism
12. After The Cold War Challenge The Sovereignty Of Theoretical Thoughts
13. Economic Globalization, Socialism With Chinese Characteristics In The 21st Century
14. Paper Diversity
15. Challenge And Response
16. The Issue Of National Sovereignty In The Context Of Economic Globalization Research
17. Rural Contemporary Chinese Marxism Popularity
18. The Context Of Globalization, The Chinese Communist Party Ideology Construction Research
19. Research On The Value And Path Of Networkotc Politic In "ominimedia" Era
20. Study On The Marxist Inculcating Theory And Its Modern Evolution
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