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1. Sino - US Normative Competition And Reconstruction Of East Asian Order
2. An Analysis Of The Logical Behaviors Of Australia After World War
3. A Study On The Debate On China 's Modernization In The 1930s
4. A Comparative Study Of The Role Of Government In The Development Of Western China
5. A Comparative Study Of Sino - US Land Property System In 19th Century
6. Research On China 's Nuclear Security Legislation
7. A Study On Urban Public Security In China During The Transitional Period
8. Research On Soft Power In China
9. A Study On The Development Of Modern Charity In China
10. A Study On The Industrialization Model And Labor Integration In Contemporary China In Comparative Perspective
11. A Study On The Legal System Of China 's Quasi - Financial Institutions
12. Legal Methods And Active Justice
13. Focusing On The Party As The Center: Research On The Governance Structure Of China 's Social Resistance
14. Marx And Engels' Thought Of Ecological Civilization And Its Practice In China
15. On The Exploration And Contribution Of Yan'an Intellectuals To The Localization Of Marxism In China
16. Lenin 's Thought And Practice Of Russian - Chinese Relations
17. A Study On The Evolution Of The CPC 's Ruling Idea Since The Reform And Opening - Up
18. Research On Modern Military Service In China
19. A Study On The Ideological And Political Education Of Cadres Of The Communist Party Of China
20. A Study On Public - Private Cooperation In The Supply Of Public Goods In China
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