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Keyword [Chinese Stock Market]
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1. Research On The Institutional Efficiency Of Chinese Stock Market
2. Market Efficiency In Chinese Stock Market: Analysis And Empirical Study
3. Study On The Complexity Of Price Behavior In Chinese Stock Market
4. Insider Trading In The Chinese Stock Market--An Empirical Study
5. Study On The Influencing Factors Of Chinese Stock Market Volatility
6. A Study On Fractal Structure In Chinese Stock Market--Theoretical & Empirical Discussion
7. An Empirical Study On The Stability Of Beta, Time Variation In Beta And Influential Factors On Beta In Chinese Stock Market
8. Irrationality And Limited Rationality:An Empirical Study On The Investors' Behavior In Chinese Stock Market
9. Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Of Chinese Stock Market
10. An Analysis Of The Price Difference And Cointergration Of A Stock, B Stock And H Stock Of Dual-listed Companies In Chinese Stock Market
11. Behavior Research On The Individual Investors Of Chinese Stock Market
12. The Sequence Of Market Oriented Reform On Offer Pricing System In Chinese Stock Market
13. Structure And Change Of China's Stock Market
14. Frequency Estimation Of The Chinese Stock Market Volatility, Characteristics And Forecasts
15. Chinese Stock Market Non-competitive Equilibrium And Institutional Change Research
16. Study Of Contemporary Chinese Stock Market Development Thinking
17. Chinese Stock Market Insider Trading Information Disclosure Mode
18. International Capital Flows And The Chinese Stock Market Internationalization
19. Asymmetric And Its Governance Of The Chinese Stock Market And Investment Income
20. The Study Of The Chinese Stock Market Risk And Its Prevention
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