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1. The Futures Market In China's Grain Circulation System Utilization Research
2. China's Grain Pricing Mechanism
3. Chinese Contemporary Inflation Theory Research (1979-1996)
4. Study On Circulation Of Rural Land
5. The Investigation Into System Reform Of Organization Of Grain Prduction And Circulation
6. Research On Developing Pattern Of Auto Parts And Components Circulation System
7. Studies On Reforms Of China's Food Circulation System
8. An Analysis Of Policy Banks In The Transmutation Of Fiscal Investement And Financing System
9. Studies On Beijing Floriculture Industry And The Developing Plan For 2003-2015 Floriculture Industry
10. Research On Non-governmental Investment Under The Reform Of The Investment And Financing Circulation System
11. Futures Market On Advancing Marketisation Of China Grain Circulation System
12. On Grain Circulation System Reform & Legalization Of The Grain Trade
13. The Research On Mineral Rights Circulation System
14. A Study On The Farmland Circulation System
15. Study On The Circulation System Of The Right To The Use Of The Rural House Foundation
16. Study On Circulation System Of The Right To Land Contractual Management In Rural Areas
17. Study On China Mineral Right Circulation System
18. Research On Legal System Of Circulation Of Contractual Management Right Of Rural Land
19. The Interests Of The Houses With Limited Property Rights Of Conflicts And Coordination
20. The Research On The Circulation About The Right Of Contractual Management Of Rural Land In Our Country
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