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Keyword [Cognitive bias]
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1. China's Stock Market And Individual Investor Behavior
2. The Practical Limitation On Objective Obligation Of Prosecutors
3. Behavioral Law And Economics And Its Significance To China
4. The Causes And Countermeasures Of Judges’ Cognitive Bias-An Analysis Mainly From The Perspective Of Criminal Trials
5. A Study On The Cognitive Bias Of Civil Servants In The New Period In Our Country
6. Fragile Justice: A Study Of The Impact Of A Defendant's Looks On A Judge's Judgment
7. The Research On The Relationship Between Cognitive Bias And Public Interest In Trademark Registration
8. Cognitive Bias And Policy Correction Of College Students' Village Officials
9. Cognitive Bias In Criminal Investigation And Its Correction
10. Research On The Justification Of Governmental Implemented Nudge
11. Research On The Phenomenon Of Cognitive Bias In Judicial Referee
12. The Study Of An Individual Case On The Involvement Of Narrative Treatment Pattern To Community Detoxification
13. Research On The Influence Of Cognitive Bias On The Analysis Effectiveness Of Public Security Intelligence
14. Research On Cognitive Bias Of Criminal Judge Refree
15. Study On The Cognitive Bias Of Community Correction Object
16. The Influence Of Cognitive Bias On Expert Opinions And Its Countermeasures
17. Cognitive bias and democracy: A behavioral approach to normative democratic theory
18. Cognitive Bias In Criminal Investigation And Its Prevention Mechanism
19. Rational Control Of Cognitive Bias Of Judges' Judicial Behavior
20. Research On Anchoring Effect In Judicial Decision Making
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