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1. "Color Revolution"-A New Round Of Peaceful Evolution And China's Responsive Policies
2. Research On The Game Among The Major Powers In The Changes Of Central-Asia Political Situation
3. Understanding Political Conflicts:An Explaination Of Mass Society Theory And Criss-Cross Hypothesis
4. The Struggle Of Color Revolution Between America And Russia-In Light Of Geopolitics
5. On The Influence Of The INGOs In Color Revolution
6. The International Effect Of "the Color Revolution" And The Strategic Choice Of China's Development
7. The "Color Revolution" In The CIS Countries And The Russian Diplomatic Polic
8. A Study On The Root And Influence Of Color Revolution In Commonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)
9. Russia's Policy And Reason In The Initial And Later Period Of The Color Revolution
10. CIS "Color Revolution" Reasons, And In Real Inspiration
11. The Strategic Study On Sino-American-Russian Triangular Relationship In Early 21st Century
12. From The "Color Revolutions" To See US Peaceful Evolution Strategy
13. The Political And Ecological Construcyion Of China Under Color Revolutions' Warning
14. The United States And The "Color Revolution" In CIS
15. An Analysis On The "Color Revolution" In Central Asia And China's Strategic Policies
16. The Relationship Between Government And Media In Period Of "Color Revolution"
17. Analysis Of "color Revolution" With The Chinese Response To U.s. "global Democracy" Strategic Countermeasures
18. Analysis Of Contemporary Belarus-eu Relations
19. On The CIS Countries " Color Revolution "
20. Iran, Eurasia From The U.s. Strategic Perspective
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