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1. The Jurisprudential Analysis Of Compulsory Medical Treatment
2. Thinking On The Structure Of Compulsory Medical Care System In Criminal Law
3. Studies On Legal Feasibility Of Performing Compulsory Medical Damage Compensation Responsibility Insurance In Chongqing
4. The Design On The Procedure Of Compulsory Medical Measure Of Mental Patient In Criminal Procedure
5. Construction Of Compulsory Medical Procedure In Our Country
6. How To Protect The Right To Medical Treatment Of Mental Patients
7. Research On Criminal Compulsory Medical Procedure For Mental Patients
8. On The Perfection Of Criminal Mandatory Medical Procedure In Chinese Mental Patients
9. A Study On The Application Of Criminal Compulsory Medical Procedure In Psychiatric Patients
10. Research On Compulsory Medical System Of Mental Patients In Our Country
11. Non - Criminal Responsibility For Mental Patients For Compulsory Medical Research
12. Criminal Compulsory Medical Procedures
13. Research On Compulsory Medical Procedure Of Mental Patients In Criminal Procedure
14. A Study On The Legal System Of Medical Liability Compulsory Insurance In China
15. A Study On The Criminal Compulsory Medical System In China
16. Research On Forced Medical Problems In Psychiatric Patients
17. The Recognition Of Medical Negligence
18. Legislative Thinking Of Mental Patients' Compulsory Medical System In China
19. Research Of Compulsory Medical Liability Insurance
20. On The Improvement Of China‚Äôs Criminal Compulsory Medical Procedure
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