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1. Studies On The Crime Of Laundering Money
2. On The Legislation Of The Organized Crime
3. The Problems Of Enterprise Insurance For The Aged And Its Legislation Consummation In Our Country
4. On The Legislative Consummation Of The Securities Crimes In China
5. The Actuality And Consummation Of State Compensation System In China
6. Jurisprudential Thinking Of Consummation Of Administration Framework Of Corporate Organization
7. The Development And Consummation Of The Civil And Commercial Arbitration Evidential Rule In Socialist Marketing Economy--And The Relationship Between Parties Producing Evidence And The Arbitration Tribunal Investigating And Verifying
8. The Exposition Of Consummation Our National Trtust And Guarantee System For Small And Medium Enterprises
9. Discussions About The Amplification And Consummation Of Corporation Law In The Corporation Organ Structures
10. Study On Legislation Of Preventing The Pollution Of China's Urban Wastes
11. Discussion Of The Consummation Of The Evidentiary Hearing Procedure For Administrative Punishments Of Taxes In China
12. Establishment And Consummation Of The Early-warning Management System Of The Audit Risk
13. On The Consummation Of Legal Mode Of Securities Supervisal In China
14. A Realistic Reflection On The Consummation Of Chinese Local Fiscal System--A Study Of The Fiscal System Of JiLin Province And JiLin City
15. Management Buy-out Legislation Research
16. On The Regulations Of The Format Terms
17. Compensation System For The Essence Injury
18. On Perjury
19. The Analysis And Consummation Of The Servant's Motivation Mechanism In China
20. On The System Of Social Management Construction And Its Consummation
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