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Keyword [Core Competence]
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1. A Study On The Evolution Mechanisms And Promotion Strategies Of The Core Competence Of Listed Companies
2. Technology Learning And Spiry Process Of Technological Capability Accumulation Paths
3. Approach Of Relationship Between Diversification Strategy And Economic Performance
4. Research On Regional Innovation System
5. System Optimization Research On Elements Forming Product Innovation Competence Of Enterprise
6. A Theoretical And Positive Study On The Core Competence Of Corporation
7. Research On Value Chain Management Mode Based On Competitive Strategy
8. Research On The Core Competence Of Regional Industries
9. A Study On High-tech Enterprises Growth
10. Studies On Commercial Bank Core Competence
11. Research On City Development Theory Based On The Spatial Structure Theory
12. Study On Theory Of Virtual Organization Based On Game Theory
13. Study On Expansion Model Of Private Enterprise Based On Sharing Of Core Competence
14. The Research On Industrial Cluster's Core Competence
15. The Organization Innovation Of Enterprises For The Core Competence
16. Studies On The Evaluation Of The Core Competence Of Domestic Commercial Bank
17. The Motivation, Effect And Way On The Mergers And Acquisition Of China's Public Company
18. The Study On The Evaluation Of China Aerospace Microelectronic Industry
19. A Study On Structural Adjustment Of Civil Large-scale Research Institutes In China
20. Studies On The Evolution And Optimization Of Port Economic System
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