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Keyword [Corporate performance]
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1. Theoretical And Positive Study On The Relationship Of Corporate Governance And Corporate Performance In Transformation
2. Equity Structure And Corporate Performance Of Chinese Listed Companies
3. Corporate Governance Structure,Corporate Performance And Efficiency Of Stock Market
4. Corporate Governance And Firm Performance: A Theoretical And Empirical Study
5. Research On The Mechanism Of Corporate Governance And Performance
6. The Research On Performance Measurement And Manager Incentive In List Corporations
7. Takeovers, Asset Acquisition And Corporate Performance
8. A Study On Equity Concentration Ratio, Corporate Governance And Corporate Performance Of Chinese Listed Companies
9. A Research On Corporate Control And Corporate Performance--Evidence From Chinese Listed Companies
10. Legal Investor Protection, Product Market Competition, And Corporate Performance
11. A Number Of Issues In The Contemporary Corporate Performance Evaluation System Innovation
12. Stock Company Ownership Structure
13. Listed Companies Change Of Control: Theory And Empirical Analysis
14. Market-oriented Research, And Firm Performance
15. China's Listed Companies Ownership Structure And The Optimization Study
16. Governance Structure And Corporate Performance Of Listed Companies In China: Theory And Empirical Research
17. Diversification In The Process Of Knowledge Utilization And Knowledge Development And Its Impact On Corporate Performance - Our It Listed Companies, For Example
18. Ownership Structure And Corporate Governance Of Listed Companies
19. Chinese Executives Of Listed Companies Performance Incentives
20. Listed Companies Issued Convertible Bonds, Performance Trends And Causes
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