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1. A Study On The Imputation Of Cognitive Errors In Criminal Law
2. A Study On The Reform Of Law In The Late Qing Dynasty And The Modernization Of Chinese Criminal Law
3. A Study On The Purpose Of Criminal Law
4. Stories Of Judge Pao: Another Angle Of View To Reinterpret The Legal Culture Of China
5. A Research On "Criminal Law Of Qing Dynasty Approved By Emperor
6. A Study On Criminal Law Litigation System Reform During Late Qing Dynasty And Early Republic Of China
7. Discussion On The Criminal Law's Restriction On Competitive Sports
8. The Collation And Research Of The Compilation Of Song's Regulations
9. Research On The Regulation Of Criminal Law Against The Crime Of Commercial Deceit Smuggling
10. On Mens Rea In Criminal Law Of England And Wales
11. Approach To The Principle Of Reliance In Criminal Law
12. Research On The Validity Of Time In Criminal Law
13. On The Spatial Effect Of Criminal Law
14. On The Judgment Of Conformity Between Constructive Requirements Of Crimeand Facts Of Cases
15. Signification Of Confucianization Of Ancient Chinese Criminal Law
16. Marginal Pondering Of Criminal Law Over The Criminalizing Of Not To Give Help With Others' Peril
17. Research On Presupposed Fundamental Theory Of International Crime
18. On The Existence Of Incomplte Crime Patterns In Chinese Criminal Law
19. On Criminal Law Of Human Rights Protection
20. A Comparative Study On Administrative Offense
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