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Keyword [Criminal Procedure Law]
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1. Research On Personal Dangerousness From The Perspective Of Criminal Integration
2. On The Criminal Procedural Cultures
3. Study On UN Convention And The Criminal Legislation Related In China
4. Research On The System Of Witness Compulsorily Appearing In Court In Criminal Procedure Law
5. Discussion On The Publicity Of Judge's Mental Impression In Criminal Procedure Law
6. Study On The Principle Of Non Bis In Idem In Criminal Procedure Law
7. Perfecting China's Criminal Legislation Under The Guidance Of UN Convention Against Corruption
8. Improvement And Application Of The Proof Standard Of Criminal Trial
9. On The Influnence Of Enforcing The New Lawyer Law To Amending The Criminal Procedure Law
10. Criminal Uninterrupted Trying
11. Theory And Practice Psychological Test In Criminal Actions
12. Criminal Procedure Law Transplant And Local Resources In China
13. On Rules Of Corroborative Evidence For Confession
14. Research On The Judicial Review In The Criminal Procedure Law
15. Research On Expert Support System
16. The New Development Of China 's Detention System
17. The Perfection Of Police Court Testimony System
18. A Study On The System Of Forcing Witnesses To Appear In Court In Criminal
19. On The Exclusionary Rule Of Illegal Evidence In China 's New Criminal Procedure Law
20. A Study On The Exercise Of Pre - Trial Procedure Counsel In The Context Of The New Criminal Procedure Law
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