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1. Study On The System Of Investigation And Collecting Evidence By Defence Lawyer
2. Talk On The Improvement Of Criminal Defense Lawyer
3. Criminal Defense Lawyer Practicing Predicament And Its Countermeasures
4. The Lawyer The Right To Defense Research
5. Research On The Practice Risk Of China Criminal Defense Lawyer
6. Ethics Criminal Defense Lawyer
7. At The Beginning Of Research For Clarence Darrow’s Legal Thought
8. Theory Of The Difficulty And Outlet Of The Punishment Debate Lawyer’s Practice In China
9. On Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Problems And Solutions
10. Legislative Perfection Of Lawyer's Right Of Defense
11. Protection Of Lawyer's Rights In Criminal Procedure And The Perfection Of The Rules Of Trial
12. Study On The Protection Of Criminal Defense Lawyer's Right Of Investigation And Evidence
13. On The Plight Of Practice And Protection Of Rights In The Investigation Stage Of Criminal Defense Lawyers In China
14. Study On Duty Lawyer System From Wide Field Of View Of The Lenient Punishment Of Guilty Plea
15. On The Influence Of Big Data And Artificial Intelligenceon Criminal Defence And Its Countermeasures
16. Research On The Practice Risk And Prevention Of Criminal Defense Lawyers
17. Politics, law, and miscarriages of justice: The criminal defense lawyer Max Hirschberg in the Weimar Republic (Germany)
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