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Keyword [Doctrine of liability fixation]
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1. Study On Multimodal-transport Operator's Liability
2. Study On Legal Problems Of Indemnity For Loss Of Life Or Personal Injury At Sea
3. On Dualistic System Of Liability Fixation In Enviromental Tort
4. On The Employer's Liability
5. The Economics Analysis Of Issues Of Tort Law
6. A Study On The Doctrine Of Liability Fixation In International Carrier Of Goods By Sea In The Maritime Law
7. Research Upon The Doctrine Of Liability Fixation Of The Copyright Infringement On The Internet
8. On Several Questions Of Port Operator's Legal Liability
9. The Doctrine Of Liability Fixation Of Intellectual Property Infringements
10. Research On Theory Of Accessory Obligation
11. Liability For Tort Of Traffic Accident
12. Study On The Problem Of Traffic Accident Damages Of Motor Vechicles
13. On The Doctrine Of Liability Fixation For Tortuous Act
14. On The System Of Compensation For Damages In Traffic Accidents
15. The Study On The Vicarious Liability
16. A Study On Civil Liability Of Operators Of Transport Terminals
17. Study On The No-fault Liability
18. On The Standard Of The Attestation For Product Deficiencies And Damage Compensation
19. Study On Reform Of Impossibility Of Prestation
20. Some Issues On The Compensation In Motor Vehicle Accidents
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