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1. Counsel To A Number Of Issues Of Criminal Responsibility
2. Our System Build In The Duty Lawyer
3. Theory Of Right Of Lawyer Present
4. The Study Of The Duty Lawer Participate In The Principle Of Admitting Guilty With Lenient Punishment
5. On Duty Lawyer System About Detention House In China
6. Investigation And Analysis The Defenses Of Criminal Quick Decision Procedure
7. The Research On Duty Lawyer System
8. Greater Theory Pleaded Guilty To Forfeit Their System Under The Duty Lawyer's Effective Participation
9. Study On The Leniency System Of Confession And Punishment
10. Research On Criminal Legal Aid Duty Lawyer System
11. The Study Of Duty Lawyer System
12. A Voluntary Study Of Pleading Guilty In The Case Of "Confession Of Punishment And Leniency"
13. Preliminary Study Of On Duty Lawyer System In China
14. Study On The Leniency System Of Confession And Punishment In Criminal Cases
15. Research On The Operation Of Duty Lawyer System In S Province
16. The Study On The Role Of Defense Lawyers Under The Framework Of Guilty Confession And Punishment
17. Research On The Role Of Lawyers In The Compulsory Medical Procedures Of Mental Patients
18. The Research On Duty Counsel In The Criminal Legal Aid System
19. Research On The Rights Of Criminal Legal Aid About Duty Counsel
20. Research On The Rights Guarantee Of The Accused Of Guilty Penalty Leniency System
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