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1. A Study On The Secret Power Of Secretaries In Contemporary Chinese Politics
2. Regime, Culture And Social Elite
3. A Study Of Elite Transformation In Contemporary Taiwan
4. The Portrait Of A Straussian: Discourse On Harvey Mansfield's Political Thoughts
5. Regional Political Perspective Of Rural Governance - Prd Rural Village Governance Changes, And Grass-roots Democratic Political Construction Research
6. Chinese Party And Government Cadres Selection And Appointment System Change Research
7. Criticism And Beyond - Elite Democracy Theory
8. National Political Elite Dual Identity
9. On Contemporary China's Elite Mobility Mechanism
10. On The Study Of The Village-level Democratic Governance
11. The Research Of Envoy In Qing Dynasty And Modern Diplomacy (1875-1911)
12. Perspectives Of American Security Elite On China's Nuclear Issues And Their Policy Impacts
13. Social Elite Of Russia After Transformation: Its Origin, Development And Future
14. The Elite Governance In Villagers' Self-governance In Current China
15. New Changes Of Social Stratification Structure In Laos
16. Rural Elite Mobility And Country Governance In Contemporary China
17. Influence On The Transformation Of Rural Politics From Urban-rural Relationship
18. Politicization Of The Economic Elite: A New Interpretation Of Elite Reproduction
19. On The Moral Construction Of Elite Group In The Social Transformation Of China
20. An Analysis About Class Compromise And Making Harmonious Society
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