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1. On Mens Rea In Criminal Law Of England And Wales
2. The Systems Of Supervision And Checks & Balances
3. The History Of England Taxation Law
4. Study On Early Equity Of The Chancery In England
5. About British Magistrates
6. The Study On Charitable Trust In England
7. Changes In Police Power In England And Wales
8. The Trial Of Charles Ⅰ And The Change Of English Views On The Kingship
9. Research On The Legal Regulation Of Defamation In UK
10. The Legal Protection Of The Minority Shareholders In England And US
11. A Research On The Comprison Between The Regimes For Ship's Arrest In China And England
12. Study Of Mareva Injunction In England
13. The Researches Of The System Of Independent Directors In America And England
14. Comparative Research On Some Legal Questions Of Maritime Arbitration System In China And England
15. A Study On The Arrest Of Ship In Admiralty Action In Rem In England And The United States
16. The Comparative Study Of The Civil Servant's Training System In China, America And England
17. A Study On Use For Reference To China Of Disclosure Of Documents In England
18. Study On The Court Of Star Chamber In England
19. Bracton's Theory Of Law
20. Sir Edward Coke And The Early Modernization Of The English Legal Scholarship
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