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1. Review And Analysis Of Sino-Soviet Debate
2. Study On Deng Xiaoping Socialist Essence Theory
3. The Essence Of Karl Marx's Freedom And Its Contemporary Situation
4. Essence And Effects Of Asset Securitization
5. An Inquiry Into The "Credit Channel"of The Monetary Policy Transmission
6. The Research About Mao Zedong's Views On Political Development From The Political Legitimacy
7. On General Theory Of Civil Mediation In Lawsuit
8. On The Economic Value Of Ideological And Political Education
9. The Introduction Of The Principles Of Illegality In Criminal Law
10. A Preliminary Study On The Bush Doctrine
11. Study On The Legitimacy Of Administrative Provisions
12. The Essence And Composition Of The Russian Federation's Penalty
13. The Act Of Existence, Essence And Conceptual Structure Of Law
14. Judicial Interpretation Of Epistemological Analysis
15. Historical Logic Of The Theory Of The Nature Of The Phenomenon Of Contemporary China And France
16. The Nature Of Socialism And Social Equality
17. Contract Theory Of Truth
18. Study Of U.s. Class Action To Exit The System
19. Study Of The Nature And Characteristics Of Marx's Ethical Thought
20. On Essence Of Companies
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