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1. A Study On The Regulation And Change Of Ethnic Relations In China 's Social Transformation
2. Study Of Chinese Minority Groups, Events And Governance Mechanisms
3. Based On The Study Of Nationalism, As The Threshold Of The Chechen Problem,
4. The Regional National Autonomy System And The Construction Of The Harmonious Society
5. On Difficult Position Of Ethnic Chinese Among Race Relations In Indonesia
6. The Ethnic Relations In The Settlements Of Aksay Herdsmen
7. Research On Harmonious Ethnic Relation And Policy On Ethnic Affairs
8. Analysis Of Ethnic Relations In Contemporary Afghanistan
9. A Study On The Liao And Jin Dynasty Ethnic Relation Thoughts
10. A Research On Malay-Chinese Ethnic Relations From Perspectives Of Political Parties,1946-1969
11. Study On The Resident Relationship Of The National Culture Tourism
12. Xinmang Period Of Ethnic Relations And National Policy
13. Innovation Research Of Ethnic Relation Under The Viewpoint Of Comprehensively Deepen Reform
14. Research On The Cultural Change Of Dispersed And Mixed Nationality
15. A Study On The Ethnic Relation In Multi-Ethnic Community Of Zhenning Buyi And Miao Autonomous County
16. The Socialist Core Values' Agree Promoting The Construction Of Harmonious Ethnic Relations
17. An Ethnic Relation Research In A Northern Xinjiang Village
18. Songs Of Mongolian Along The Yellow River
19. A Study On The Ethnic Relation In The Perspective Of Taxi Drivers In Changji
20. Conmunication And Integration:A Study On The Hui-tibet Ethnic Relation Of Songpan,Sichuan Province
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