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1. Judicial Notice
2. Electronic Evidence
3. The Study Of The Character Evidence Rule
4. Study Of The Legitimacy Of The Survey System Of Criminal Trial
5. The Criminal Lawsuit Evidence Rule Reform Of Our Country And Protection Of Human Right
6. The Study On Some Question Of Self-Admission System
7. The Audiovisuals Evidence Rules Of The Criminal Suit
8. On The Purpose Of China's Civil Evidence Law
9. Research On Criminal Rule Against Hearsay
10. The Parol Evidence Rule Of American Contract Law
11. Research On The Best Evidence Rule In Anglo-American Law
12. Research On Character Evidence Rule Of The Accused
13. The Study Of Evidence Rules
14. On The Issue Of Rules Of Testimonial Evidence In Criminal Proceedings
15. Study On The Rule Of The Verbalism Evidence
16. On The Effectiveness Of Criminal Illegal Evidence
17. The Research On The Regulation And Localization Of Character Evidence
18. Research On Hearsay Rule Exceptions In Criminal Procedure
19. On The Rational Construction Of The Opinion Evidence Rules In China
20. Probe On Electronic Evidences In The Criminal Procedure
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