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Keyword [Folk customs]
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1. On The Esthetical Characteristics Of The Uyghur Spiritual Folk Customs
2. Study On The Exploitation Of Folk Tourism In Western Hunan
3. Construction Of Spiritual Civilization In The Socialist New Countryside And Changes Of Social Folk Customs
4. Thesis On Judicial Application Of Folk Customs
5. The Feasibility Of The Use Of Folk Customs Of Justice Based On Judicial Practices In Jiangyan People's Court
6. Study On Folk Customs In The Use Of Civil Trial At Harmony Judicial Perspective
7. Discussion On The Combination Of Civil Trial And Folk Custom In Rural Land Dispute
8. On The De Facto Marriage
9. The Married Women's Property Rights During The Nanjing National Government
10. An Empirical Study On The Regime Return System In China
11. Rural Justice In China Legal Research
12. The Research On Our Return Of Bride Price
13. The Exploration For The Judicial Value Of Folk Customs
14. New Rural Background Rural Social Folk Customs Easy To Shift Research
15. A Research On The Crime Of The Folk Customs Control Mechanism
16. On Judicial Application Of Folk Customs
17. Research On Car Mobile Courts In Tibet Issue
18. The Studying Of Conflict Between Folk Customs And State Laws
19. Green Funeral In The Perspective Of Ecological Ethics
20. Study On The Validity Of "Haunted Housing" Contract
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