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Keyword [Governance mechanism]
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1. Research On Mode-selection And Governance Mechanism Of Cooperative R&D
2. Study On Corporate Governance: Ownership Structure And Governance Mechanism
3. Study On Corporate Governance Mechanism Based On Multi-Parties Of Interest
4. Research On Marketization Reform On Commercial Bank In China
5. The Game Theory Analysis Of Chinese Commercial Banks' Governance Mechanism
6. Legal Study Of Recent Development Of U.S.Corporate Governance Mechanism
7. Research On The Governance Mechanism Of Nonprofit Organiztions
8. Public Governance Mechanism: Realization Way Of Responsible Administration
9. From "the Politics Of Distribution" To "the Politics Of Production"
10. Research On Horizontal Coordinating Mechanism Between Basin Governments
11. Research On Public Participation And Township Governance Mechanism
12. Financial Governance Mechanism - The Audit Committee System
13. The Responsibility Of Multinational Governance Mechanism
14. Monitoring Mechanism For Corporate Governance
15. Ownership And Corporate Governance Mechanisms Studied
16. Channel Relationships Theory
17. Internal Corporate Governance Mechanism
18. Venture Capital Governance Mechanism
19. Industry Association, The System Logic
20. Study Of Corporate Governance Mechanism In China's Science And Technology Risk
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