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Keyword [Government Function]
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1. Research On The Optimization Of Local Government Function In Socialization Of Aged Service
2. Study On The Function Of Government In The Regional Technovation System
3. Analysis And Optimization Of The Eco-economic System Of Plant Protection
4. The Change Of The State-owned Enterprise's System: From The Combination Of Government Function And Enterprise Management
5. Chinese Enterprise's Merger & Acquisition And The Orientation Of Government's Function
6. Deficiency And Re-construction: Study Of The Government Capacity In The Course Of Modernization
7. Government Social Security Responsibility Based On Finacial Expenditure
8. Research On The Service-oriented Government Functions Guided By Marxist Governmental Theory
9. Research On Government Function Mechanism In Development Of Emerging Industries
10. Classification Of Financial Institutions Research
11. The Government's Fiscal Functions Of The Mode Selection With The Tax And Fee Reform
12. Government Reform, Public Governance Perspective
13. Study Of The Demand And Supply Of Government Functions
14. On The Construction Of Service-oriented Government
15. Volunteerism Failure And Its Correction Of Government Responsibility
16. Studies On The Role Of Government And Market In The Area Of Social Security In Our Country
17. The Research Concentrating On The Development Of E-government Affair In The Reform Of Government Regime
18. The Research On The Government Function On Venture Capital
19. WTO And Transform Of Our Government Function
20. Research On The Management Problems Of The Finance And Accounting For The Government Department In Charge Of The Traffic
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