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Keyword [Government governance]
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1. The Collaborative Governance Of Government: Mechanism,Implementation,Efficiency Analysis
2. The Research On Chinese Country Governance From The Public Service Aspect
3. Study On The Government Governance Form The View Of Social Capital
4. The Process Of Urbanization In The Study Of The Functions Of Township Government
5. A Research About The Impact Of The Disaster-mitigation Requirements On The Changes Of Chinese Government Governance Pattern
6. The Role Of Local Governments In Transition Economies And Its Evolution Mechanism Study
7. The Study On The Governance Capacity Of The County Government In Western Poverty Areas
8. West Local Government's Ability To Govern In The Public Crisis Management As The Threshold Assessment Study
9. Residents Participation In Local Governance Transition
10. The Changing Of Administration Ecosystem Environments And The Replacement Of Our Country's Governance Construction Of Government
11. The Study Of The Service-type Government's Construction
12. Comparative Study For Lao-Chinese Governance
13. A Study On The Transformation Of The Governance Mode Of Chinese Government
14. E-Governance: The Governance Mode Beyond E-Government
15. Research On The Countermeasure Of Government Governance In Our Country Under The Background Of Globalizations
16. A Research On The Selection Of Undeveloped Transitional Governmet Governance Mode
17. The Research Of Chinese Government Governance System
18. Governance Analysis Of The Voluntary Activity
19. Study On E-government And Governance Innovation
20. Social Imbalance And Government Governance
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