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1. Protective Educational Cause And Historical Significance Of National Association For Refugee Children
2. The Study On Mao Zedong's Human Rights Thought And It's Historical Significance
3. Research On Gutian Congress's Theory Of Developing The Party Though Thought Construction
4. Guzhun's Thinking About Democracy And Its Historical Significance
5. On Mao Zedong's Historical Contribution To Promoting Harmonious Society
6. On The Construction Of Harmonious Society Under The Challenge Of Unexpected Events Of Historical Significance
7. The Late Qing Dynasty Criminal Law Reform And The Historical Significance
8. The Historical Significance Of "Kaihuang Statute"
9. Young Mao Zedong's Social Transformation Thoughts
10. Confucian Thought Of The People, And Its Contemporary Value
11. The Study Of Li Weihan's Multi-party Cooperation Thoughts
12. Chinese Communist’ Milepost In The Ideological Construction:Research The Historical Significance And Contemporary Value Of How To Be A Good Communist
13. Study On The Political Democratization Issues In Shanxi-gansu-ningxia Border Region During Anti-japanese Period
14. The Red Army Barracks Culture
15. Research On The Prevention Of Corruption Of The Thought Of Liu Shaoji
16. The Research Of The Culture Of The CPC’s History Spread Abroad
17. A Study On Activities Of CPC’s Manchuria Provincial Committee And Its Historical Significance In Early Period
18. Research On Ren Bishi’s Thought Of Party Construction In The Period Of Anti-Japanese War
19. Historical Significance Of Yan’an Spirit And Contemporary Value Research
20. China Policy Toward Korea Research During The Period Of The War To Resist U.S. Aggression And AID Korea
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