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1. Institutional Analysis Of The Economic Growth Mode Transformation
2. Research On China State-owned Enterprise's Transaction Costs
3. The Institutional Analysis Of Entrepreneurial Behavior In China
4. Institutional Analysis On Evolution Of Financial System In Western Countries
5. The Conflict And Integration Of Formal And Informal Institutions--An Institutional Analysis On China's Market-Oriented Reform
6. Taxation Effects And Institutional Analysis Of China's Banking Industry
7. Informal Insurance Institution Study
8. Institutional Analysis On Indian Economic Reform And Development
9. The Institutional Analysis Of China's Rural Irrigation Management
10. Opting Out Of Corporate Law Through Charter: A Theoretic And Institutional Analysis
11. The Research On Social Security Management System Covering Rural And Urban Residents Based On Investigating The Practice In Some Prefectures And Counties
12. Study On The Institutional Context And Organizational Change Of The Implementation Of Military And Civilian Integration Strategy
13. Action-centered Institutionalism: Reconstructing The Institutional Analysis Frame For Social Policies For Development
14. Between Bank Debt Restructuring: The Institutional Analysis And The Financial Explained
15. Institutional Analysis Of China's Economic Reform
16. Strategic Evolution Of The System Based View
17. On The Implementation Of Accounting Standards
18. New China, The Initial (1949-1965) National Legal System,
19. Institutional Analysis On Mao Tse-tung's Mistakes In His Late Years
20. Institutional Analysis Of Intermediate Organization
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