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1. Probe Into Improving Intangibles Accounting At Knowledge-based Economy Times
2. Talking About The Intangibles Accounting Under The Condition Of Knowledge Economy
3. Study On Transfer Pricing Of Marketing Intangibles
4. On The Transfer Pricing Methodologies Of Intangibles
5. An Analysis Of The International Transfer Pricing Regime For Intangibles
6. Study On Related Issues Of The Application Of Arms Length Standard Of Transfer Pricing Of Intangibles
7. Comparative Study On Marketing Intangibles Transfer Pricing Taxation System
8. The Research Of The Transfer Pricing Regulation On Marketing Intangible Assets Transnational
9. The Tax-related Case Study Of Transfer Pricing Of Marketing Intangibles On Multinational Corporations
10. The Tax Regime Of Intangible Transfer Pricing:Recent Developments And Implications
11. Legal Attribute Of Network Virtual Property And Its Protection
12. The Research On Taxation System Of Marketing Intangible Transfer Pricing
13. Research On Profits Attribution Of Intangibles Under Transfer Pricing Tax System
14. Legal Study On The International Taxation Of Transfer Prcing Of Intangibles
15. Research On The Legal Regulation Of The Transfer Pricing Of Intangible Assets
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