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1. Research On French European Integration Policy
2. Integration Of Germany And EU Security And Defense: Role And Function
3. EU External Relations Agency System: Institution And Power
4. A Study On The Industrialization Model And Labor Integration In Contemporary China In Comparative Perspective
5. The Problem Of National Integration In Democratization
6. Modern War And Mobilization - A Study Of The Kuomintang In The Perspective Of Organizational Comparison
7. A Study On The National Identity In China 's Ethnic Regions From The Perspective Of Interests
8. EU Policy On Ukrainian Policy
9. A Study On The Evolution Of Urban And Rural Social Welfare
10. Research On Accounting And Auditing Framework Of Business Amalgamation
11. On The Sustainable Development Of Mordern Agriculture In City Countryside
12. Approach Of Relationship Between Diversification Strategy And Economic Performance
13. Research On Managing Integration In M&A
14. Leaders' Competency-Based Corporate Diversification Strategy
15. Research On Manufacturing Enterprise Agility Under The Age Of Agility Competition
16. On The Main Legal Issues Of Multinational Bank Supervision Under International Financial Integration And Financial Liberalization
17. Theory And Methodology Of Managerial Integration Based On Product Innovation
18. Study On Theory And Innovation Of Construction Project Integration Management
19. Regional Urban Construction Integration Strategy Investigation
20. Study On The Merger And Acquisition For Agribusiness In China
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