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1. Research On The Protection System Of Financial Consumers' Rights And Administrative Law
2. A Study Of The Mistake System In Contract Law
3. A Comparative Study Of Government 's Horizontal Inter - Departmental Cooperation
4. A Study On The National Identity In China 's Ethnic Regions From The Perspective Of Interests
5. Ideas, Institutions And Interests: Fundamental Research On The Basis Of Collective Action
6. A Study On The Purpose Of Criminal Law
7. A Study On The Principle Of Maximizing The Interests Of Minors In Family Lawsuit
8. The Interests Of Professional Managers
9. The Theory Of Civil Society, Political State And Development Of Law: The Epitome Of Max's Idea
10. Making Nationality Law: Nationality Of Ethnic Chinese And Interest Of China
11. The American Influence Upon The Sino-Japanese Relationship In The Asia-Pacific Region After The Cold War
12. On The Fricative Relationship Of The U.S.-Japan Military Alliance After World War Ⅱ
13. A Study On Efficiency Of Ownership Structure For Listed Companies In China
14. The Study Of The Relationship Between Enterprises And Households
15. The Political Analysis Of European Integration
16. Constructivism Analysis Upon US Media's Negative Cover Towards China After The Cold War
17. A Constructivist Study On East Asia Regional Economic Cooperation
18. Analyse On Behavior And System Arrangement In Sustainable Development
19. Interests Of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment
20. The Determinant Of The Subsistence Of NATO After The End Of The Cold War
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