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1. Research On Inventory Control Models And Methods Of The Logistics System
2. Research On Optimal Scheduling Of Hybrid Production Processes
3. Study On Architecture And Logistics Key Technology Of Reverse Supply Chain
4. Research On Coordination Of Inventory Management In Supply Chain Under Uncertainty Of Demand
5. Research On Supply Chain Management And Application In Coal Industry Group
6. Study On Transfer Pricing Strategies For Firms
7. Study Of Some Pricing Problem In Stochastic Environment
8. The Research On Optimization And Coordination Of Supply Chain Inventory Decision-making Based On Time-varying Demand
9. A Study Of Returned Logistics Based On Supply Chain
10. Study On Models And Algorithms Of Joint Replenishment Inventory Problem
11. Study On The Decision Theory And Method Of Wartime Military Logistics System
12. Study On Optimization Of Pushed Military Supply Chain
13. Study On Decision Making Theory And Method Of Disaster Relief Materials Logistics Based On Natural Disasters
14. Study Of The Logistics Process Modeling And Optimization Methods
15. HW Friction Materials (Guang Zhou) Co.,Ltd.——Foreign Enterprise's Supply Chain Management
16. Depai Faucet (China) Co.,Ltd.
17. The Research And Application Of Management And Control Of Enterprise Material Stream Based On Inventory
18. Studies On Physical Distribution And Its Delivery Scheduling
19. The Study Of Several Problems On Supply Chain Management
20. Analysis And Research On Logistical Management Of Chengdu Mikuni Hongguang Machinery Electronics Co.,Ltd
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