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1. Reconstruction Of Professional Role Of Contemporary Chinese Judges
2. Stories Of Judge Pao: Another Angle Of View To Reinterpret The Legal Culture Of China
3. Development Of Procedure Protection Theory In Civil Procedure And Interpretation Right
4. A Comparative Study Of Court Systems In China And The United States
5. A Research On Marxist Doctrines About Justice
6. Research On The Power Of Legal Interpretation
7. Idea¬∑Function¬∑Technics: Open Out And Judge Of The Principle Of Autonomy Of The Will
8. Research On The Obligation To Inform In Insurance Law
9. The Power Of The Judge
10. On The Judges' Professional Ethics
11. Judge's Judicial Ideas In The Period Of The Qing Dynasty
12. Research On Administrative Law Judges Of The United States
13. On The Selection System Of Judge
14. A Study On Modern Commercial Law And Commercial Customs
15. How Is Judicial Decision Produced
16. The Modern Transformation Of Civil Action At The Early Days Of The Republic Of China
17. Study On Judicial Rules
18. Study On The Restriction Mechanism Of Civil Trial Grade
19. Comparative Study On China And Foreign Countries' Judge Management Systems
20. On The Professional Ethics Of Judges
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