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1. Study On The Reform Of Jurisdiction Of International Court Of Justice
2. On The Rule Of Law In The Party
3. On The Foreign Tax Credit Regime Of U.S. Federal Income Tax Law
4. The Study On International Civil Procedure Jurisdiction
5. International Jurisdiction In The Changing World
6. Study On National Criminal Jurisdiction
7. A Study On Theoretical And Practical Legal Aspects Of International Commercial Arbitration Agreements
8. Party Autonomy In Private International Law
9. A Study On The Legal Issues Of Electronic Bills Of Lading
10. Study On South African Private International Law
11. Reasonable Limits For Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Of National Securities Law
12. Research On Principle Of Universal Jurisdiction
13. Study On The Jurisdiction System Concerning Internet Cases In Private International Law
14. A Study On The Civil Procedural Contract
15. Study On Issues Relating To The Law Of Conflicts In Cross-border Insolvency
16. A Study Of Mandatory Rules On International Commercial Arbitration
17. A Study On Conflict Of Jurisdiction On Civil And Commercial Matters Between Mainland And Hongkong
18. Study On Tax Sovereignty Under The Economic Globalization Background
19. Study On National Jurisdiction At Sea
20. A Study Of The International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda
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