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1. A Study On The Legal Transplant In Late Qing Dynasty
2. The Concept Of Prohibitive Law Norms
3. The Theoretical Construction And Practical Formulation Of The Legal Development
4. Theoretical And Practical Investigation Of The Globalization Of Law
5. On Legal Transplant And Localization: From The Duality System Of Arbitration
6. On The English Comparative Law
7. On Punitive Damages Transplant To Chinese Law
8. Legal Transplant Of China What Course To Follow
9. The Analysis And Introspect Of China Transplanting Soviet Legality
10. On Independency Of The Mortgage Right
11. Plea Bargaining
12. Reflection On The Ways Of Legal System Modernization In China
13. Republic Of China During The Marriage And Family Legislation Research
14. Research On The Nature And Effect Of Fiduciary Relationship
15. The Research On Commercial Legislation Of The Late Qing Dynasty
16. A Study Of Transplanting Prosecutorial System Into People's Republic Of China From Former Soviet Union
17. Labor Laws Transplantation Made By Multinational Purchaser Through Contracts
18. X-ray The Japanese Legal Transplant From The Formation Of The Japanese Disregard Of The Corporate Personality
19. On Law Transplantation
20. On Efficiency Breach In American Contract Law
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