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1. On Power: A Study Of Legitimacy And Rationality
2. Research On The Beneficial Administrative Actions And It's Legality
3. Research On National Forest's Managing By Law
4. The Philosophical Dimension Of Rule Of Law: The Transition Of The Conception Of Legitimacy
5. Political Corrupt,Crisis Of Recognition And Government Response
6. Legality Issues Of Corporate Establishment
7. Political-Legal Logic Of Rule-by-Law In Rural China
8. Legality, Morality And Legitimacy: A Reconstructive Analysis Of Habermas's Discourse Theory Of Legitimation
9. An Introduction To The Methodology Of Criminal Procedure
10. Research On The Legality Of Court Meditation In China
11. Judicial Recognition Of The Custom
12. The Practice And The Logic Of The National Policy In Rural Areas
13. Judicial Review Of Administrative Acts
14. Not Really As Committed Research
15. Psychological Analysis Of Criminal Law
16. .1949-1957 Years Of Chinese Legal Education
17. Philosophy Of Law. "should"
18. The Legitimacy And Legality In The Modern Context: An Investigation Of The History Of Ideas
19. Relief Politics:Modern State And Rural Society In The Perspective Of Operating Legality
20. Study Of Legality Of The University's Executive Power In China
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