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1. Study On Private Placement Fund And Its Legal Regulations And System
2. Research On The Travel Contract
3. The Wedding Contract And Its Legislation Conception
4. The Secret Criminal Investigation
5. Procedure Restrict Of Secret Criminal Investigation
6. Study On The State Compensation System For Victims Of Criminal
7. The Scope Of Accepting Cases In Administrative Procedural Law Of China
8. In The Marriage Infringes Upon The Right The Civil Liability In The Marriage Law Legislation Conception
9. On The Construction Of National Compensation System For Criminal Victims In China
10. China Rape Legislation Perfect
11. On The Marriage
12. Because Liberty Research
13. On Legal Construction Of Individual Bankruptcy System Of China
14. On The Aggravated Consequence Crime
15. On The Secret Investigation Process Control
16. The Legislative Conception Theory Of Executor System In China
17. Establishing Personal Bankruptcy System In Our Country’s Law
18. Legalization And Legal Regulation On Our Surrogate Reproduction
19. The Legislation Conception Of Officials’ Property Declaration System
20. Our Country’s Legislation Study On Juvenile Offenders’ Community Corrections
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