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1. Study On Criminal Compensation System
2. Studies On Several Legal Issues Of The Supervision Of Foreign Banks
3. Comment On The Legislative Mode Of Codification
4. A Study Of Legal Matter Concerning Real Estate Tax
5. Comparison On The Legislation Of Same-sex Marriage
6. Research On Legislative Mode Of Geographical Indications
7. Study On Relative Legal Problems Of Enterprises' Trusteeship
8. The Study On Legal Protection Of Industrial Design
9. Comparative Analysis Of Environmental Crime
10. Studies On Legal Definition Of Public Interests In Land Expropriation
11. The Study On The Legal System Of Geographical Indications In China
12. Legal Research On Levying Real Estate Tax In China
13. On The Legislative Evolution Of Homosexual Marriage
14. Study Of The Legislative Mode Of Property Transference
15. Legislation Situation And Reform Idea Of Finance Crime Of Fraud
16. Research On The System Of Positive Prescription
17. Study On The Legislation Of Criminal Amendment
18. Study On Legislative Mode Of Protection Of Geographical Indications
19. Research On Legislation Of Commercial Bribery Crime
20. Study On The Contract For The Benefit Of Third Party
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