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1. The Construction Of The New Chinese Government System And The Soviet Factor (1949-1954)
2. A Study Of Mao Zedong 's Thought Of Popularization Of Marxism
3. A Philosophical Perspective Of Mao Zedong 's Military Thought
4. A Study Of Mao Zedong 's Thought Of External Propaganda
5. A Study Of Mao Zedong 's Thought On Farmers' Reform In The Period Of New Democratic Revolution
6. Mao Zedong 's Party View Of Party Members
7. Mao Zedong 's Philosophical Research On Serving The People
8. The Establishment Of A New Democratic China
9. On The Work Styles Of The Leaders Of CPC Of Three Generations
10. The Culture Of Xiang & Mao Zedong Military Thought Research
11. The Research About Mao Zedong's Views On Political Development From The Political Legitimacy
12. On Mao-Zedong And The Application Of Marxism In China
13. Mao Zedong's Thought On New Democracy Capitalism And Their Contemporary Value
14. From Mao Zedong's Ideal Of "Da Tong" To Deng Xiao-ping's Society Of "Xiao Kang"
15. Inquiring Into And Analyzing Mao Zedong Thought For Investigation And Research
16. Mao Zedong's New Democracy Society Fundamental Research
17. Study Of Mao Zedong's Socialist Culture View
18. Study On National Interest View Of Mao Zedong
19. Study On Ruling Thought Of Mao Zedong
20. Study On Mao Zedong's Thought Of Ensuring Farmer Interest
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