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1. On Marx 's Concept Of Labor
2. A Study Of Marx 's Political Socialization
3. A Study Of Marx 's Theory Of Value
4. Marx And Engels' Thought Of Ecological Civilization And Its Practice In China
5. Ted Benton 's Study Of Ecological Marxism
6. A Study On The Motive Force Of Marx And Engels' Social Development
7. Marx 's Social Justice Thought And Contemporary Value
8. A Historical Investigation Of Marx 's Realistic Liberal Thought
9. A Study Of Marx 's Revolutionary Thought
10. Historical Interpretation Of Marx 's Labor Thought
11. A Study Of Marx 's Theory In The Vision Of Kuomintang (1927-1937)
12. The Democratic Thought And Contemporary Value In Marx 's Revolutionary Framework
13. On The Innovation Of Marx 's Spiritual Production
14. A Study Of Marxist View Of Justice In The Perspective Of Value Theory
15. A Study Of The Important Problems Of Moral Education In Marx 's Critical Theory Of Capital
16. Legal Logic Of Economic Phenomena
17. The Theory Of Social Economy State Of Marx & The Primary State Of The Socialism In China
18. The Essence Of Karl Marx's Freedom And Its Contemporary Situation
19. On The Theories Of The Firm:A Comparative Study Between The Economic Doctrines Of Marx And The New Institutional Economics
20. A Study Of Marx's Theory Of Capital Accumulation
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