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1. Marx And Engels' Thought Of Ecological Civilization And Its Practice In China
2. A Study On The Motive Force Of Marx And Engels' Social Development
3. The Contemporary Introspection Of Marx And Engels' Religious View
4. On Marx And Engels' Peace Theory And Its Practical Significance
5. On Marx And Engels Thought, Of International Law
6. Study On Ecological Civilization Thought Of Marx And Engels
7. Marx And Engels's Thought Of People's Livelihood And Its Exertion And Development In China
8. The Thought Of Urban-rural Relations Of Marx And Engels And Its Contemporary Value
9. Moral Education Thought Of Marx And Engels Study
10. Marx And Engels Private Law Thinking
11. Marx And Engels' Analysis About Capitalism
12. The Social Ddevelopment Theories Of Marx And Engels. And Their Significance
13. Marx And Engels Society Harmonious Thought
14. Scientific And Technological Perspective Of Marx And Engels And Its Enlightened For The Modern Times
15. Studies On The Principles And Developments Of The Proletariat Political Party Building
16. Why Marx And Engels Oppose The Philosophy
17. The Theory Of Social Justice Of Marx And Engels
18. On Marx And Engels's Outlook On Honor And Dishonor And Its Contemporary Values
19. Marx And Engels' Theory Of Equity And It's Contemporary Application And Values
20. On The Criticism Of Marx And Engels's To Stirne
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