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1. Embedding And Conflict - The Process And Logic Of American Military Institutional Change
2. The Evolution Of American Overseas Base System
3. A Study On The Security Of Chinese Military Culture In The Era Of Globalization
4. Research On Modern Military Service In China
5. A Philosophical Perspective Of Mao Zedong 's Military Thought
6. The Establishment Of New China 's Military Leadership System And The Study Of The Soviet Union
7. Synthetic Literati Control: A Challenge To Huntington 's Military - Political Relations Theory
8. Chinese Military Law's Tradition And Modern Transformation
9. On The Fricative Relationship Of The U.S.-Japan Military Alliance After World War Ⅱ
10. A Study On The Mechanism And Method Of Military Equipment Procurement Based On Competitive Negotiation
11. Study On PLA NCO Vocational Education System
12. The Culture Of Xiang & Mao Zedong Military Thought Research
13. The Coordinated Development Of Military Affairs And Economy
14. A Study On Decision-Making Models Of Military Project Construction
15. On Zhu De's Military Thoughts
16. Research On The Junior Commanding Officer Cultivating Models Of Our Military Academies
17. Research On The Modernization Of Military Legal System Of China
18. An Analysis Of The Post-Cold War Military Intervention
19. Study On The Decision Theory And Method Of Wartime Military Logistics System
20. The Study On Workflow Based Military Strength Scheduling Technology
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