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Keyword [Multi-party cooperation]
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1. Cooperation And Negotiation Politics:The Study Of Democratic Parties Participates Government Strategy
2. On The Chinese Party Systems' Production And Evolution
3. The Systematic Analysis Of The Construction Of Rural Service System In China
4. Mao Zedong Multi-party Cooperation Thought
5. Communist Party Of China And The Cppcc Relations (1949-1956)
6. Innovative Research On The Chinese Communist Party-led Multi-party Cooperation System
7. Studies On Harmonious Relationship Among Political Parties Of Contemporary China
8. On The Multi-party Cooperation System Leaded By CCP
9. The Development Of Chinese Politics And The Multi-party Cooperation And Consultation System Leaded By The Chinese Communist Party
10. On The Improvement Of The System Of Multi-party Cooperation Under CPC Leadership
11. The Research Of The Non-party Personage Participating In Government And Political Affairs
12. The Responsibility Of CPWDP In The Construction Of Harmonious Society
13. Research On The Political Party System Of China In View Of "Political Development"
14. The Study About Institutionalization, Standardization And Proceduralization Of The System Of Multi-party Cooperation Under CPC Leadership
15. On Multi-party Cooperation Leaded By Communist Party Of China
16. The Improvement Of Multi-Party Cooperation System In China From The Viewpoint Of Constitutionalism
17. The Study On Socialist Party System With Chinese Characteristics In The View Of CPC's Ruling Capacity
18. The Analysis Of The Historical Justifications And Experience About China's CPC-led Multi-party Cooperation And Political Consultation System
19. Multi-party Cooperation And Enhancing The Competence Of The CPC For Exercising Power
20. On The Evolution And Improvement To The Multi-Party Cooperation And Political Consultative System Under The Leadership Of Chinese Communist Party
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