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1. Reconstruction Of Citizen Education And Identity
2. A Study On The National Identity Of Minority Nationalities Under The Regional National Autonomy
3. A Study On The National Identity In China 's Ethnic Regions From The Perspective Of Interests
4. A Study On The Value Of National Identity
5. Participating In The Middle East Affairs
6. The Evolution Of International Consciousness And The Reconstruction Of National Identity In Contemporary China
7. China's Identity Constrction As A Responsible Power
8. Study On China's National Security Interests Of The Early 21st Century In Northeast Asia
9. On European Integration
10. Chinese National Identity And Diplomatic Strategy Selection (1949-2004)
11. National Identity In The Context Of Globalization
12. Identity Research, The Concept Of Responsibility: China's International Responsibility
13. National Identity, Ethnic Identity And National Identity, The Symbiotic Relationship Between Research,
14. The Development Of National Identity In 11 To 20 Years Old Chinese Adolescents
15. National Image Building In The Perspective Of Constructivism
16. Analyzing Polish Foreign Policies From Perspective Of Nationalism
17. A Study On The Synergetic Strategies Of Spontaneous Culture For Accelerating Taiwanese National Identity Return
18. Comparative Studies Of The Construction Of National Identity In China's And U.S. Defense White Papers And Relevant Social Cultural Values
19. International System's Effect On Chinese National Interest
20. An Analysis Of National Identity In The Perspectives Of Constructivism
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