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1. Evaluation And Analysis Of New Public Service Theories
2. Moderate Government Scale: Theoretical Consideration Of Chinese Government Organizations' Reformation--The Visual Angle Of Governance Theory
3. A Study On Transformation Of Government Public Service
4. Analysis On The Western Bureaucracy By The Perspective Of Constitutionalism
5. The Villages And Towns Government Function Orientation In The Period Of "Zero Tax"
6. Citizen Participation In Evaluation Of Government Performance
7. The Construction Of The New Relationship Between The Police And The People
8. Research On The Change Of Governmental Informal Institutions Based By The New Public Service
9. Township Civil Servant Incentive Problem Study Under New Public Service Theory
10. Understanding And Surpassing: New Public Service And Administrative Reform In China
11. Consummate And Innovate The Motivating Mechanisms Of Civil Servants Through The Perspective Of New Public Service
12. Research On The Transformation Of Villages And Towns Government Function Under The New Public Service Theory
13. The Study On The Consciousness Of Service Of National Civil Servants Under The Theory Of New Public Service
14. Studies On The Service-oriented Government Responsiveness Mechanism
15. The Analysis Of Contemporary Chinese Public Administration Model
16. The Method Of Research On Building Up The Public Servicing Government
17. The Facing Problems And Strategies Research Of Transforming Our Government Functions
18. Evaluation And Analysis Of New Public Service Theories Of Robert B. Denhardt
19. Reposition Of The Roles Of The Civil Servants
20. Research On The Reform Of Provincial Government Institutes Within The New Public Service Theory Field
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