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1. Legal Identification Of The Nominal Shareholder Qualification
2. On Nominal Shareholder Shareholders Qualification
3. The Identification Of The Qualification Of Dormant Shareholder
4. On The Legal Status Of Dormant Shareholders In The Limited Liability Company
5. Study On The Identification Of The Actual Investor Shareholder Qualification
6. Research On Dormant Investor’s Legal Status
7. Research On Equity Change Of The Nominal Shareholder
8. On Behalf Of Shareholders Equity Transfer Of The Acquisition In Good Faith
9. The Dispose Of Shareholder’s Right After The Death Of Nominal Shareholder In Dormant Investment
10. A Study On The Legal Status Of Actual Investors In Limited Liability Company
11. Study On The Cognizance Of Dormant Shareholder’s Qualification
12. The Limited Liability Company Of Dormant Investment Identity And Rights Protection
13. Study On The Validity Of The Unauthorized Equity Transfer Of The Nominal Shareholders
14. A Study Of The Principle Of Rechtsscheintheorie In Dormant Investment
15. Research On Dormant Investment Of Company With Limited Liability
16. On Legal Issues About The Share Disposed By Nominal Shareholder
17. Study On The Legal Relationship Of Anonymous Investment Of Company Under The Interests Balance
18. Research On Legal Issues Of Company Stock Ownership
19. The Research On Possession In Good Faith Of Limited Liability Company's Stock In China
20. Research On The Protection Of Dormant Investor's Legitimate Rights And Interests
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