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1. Research On French European Integration Policy
2. The Economic And Diplomatic Studies Of Laos After Liberation (1975-2014)
3. A Comparative Study Of Sino - US Criminal Policy
4. EU External Relations Agency System: Institution And Power
5. A Study On Legislation And Measures Of International Bribery In The United States
6. A Study On The People 's Livelihood Policy Since The 14th National Congress Of The CPC
7. A Comparative Study Of The Policy Of The People 's Republic Of China And The People' S Republic Of China (1912-2012)
8. Ethnic Issues And Ethnic Policies Since Vietnam 's Reform And Opening
9. A Study Of The Ethnic Theory And National Policy Of The Second Leading Group Of The Chinese Communist Party
10. A Study Of Hu Yaobang And The Misjudged Cases Of Violence In The New
11. The Logic And Focus Of American East Asian Policy After World War
12. A Study On The Policy Evolution Of The US Government 's Supporting Non - Governmental Volunteer Organizations Since 1961
13. American Antarctic Policy Research
14. The Political Utility Of Foreign Aid
15. Discourse Manipulation And Security - A Comparative Study Of Clinton Administration And Bush Administration 's Climate Change Policy
16. EU Policy On Ukrainian Policy
17. A Study On The Policy Planning Of Urban Nationalities
18. Policy Failure: A Comparative Study Of America 's Strategy Towards The DPRK From The Perspective Of Asymmetric Interaction (1993-2015)
19. Research On Crime Victims In Criminal Policy Field
20. Research On Financial Valuation
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