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1. Study On The Summary Trial In The Criminal Ordinary Proceeding
2. The Research On Time Period System Of Civil Procedure
3. On The Procedures Following The Defendant's Pleading Guilty,
4. Research On The System Of Sentencing Proposal
5. The Research On Chinese Criminal Summary Procedure
6. Study On Small Claims Procedure
7. On The Litigation Procedure Of Minor Offence Case
8. A Study On Criminal Pre-trial Diversion Program
9. On The Application Of Interests Balancing Theory-Analysis Of Criminal Summary Procedure
10. On Improving The System Of Providing Remedy For Persons Other Than Involved In The Case In Civil Execution
11. On The Perfecting Of China's Civil Summary Procedure
12. On China 's Criminal Summary Procedure
13. On The Efficiency Of Criminal Proceedings
14. General Proceeding Reform
15. On The Implementation Of The System Of China's Civil Subrogation Perfect
16. Theory Of Plea Bargaining System
17. On The System Of Service By Publication In Civil Litigation
18. Study Of Criminal Summary Procedure
19. Discuss Of The Non-Litigation Procedure Of Shareholder’s Right Of Financial Records Inspection
20. On The Perfecting Small Claims Procedure In China
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