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1. A Thesis On Proof Standards Of "the High Degree Of Probability"
2. On The Standard Of Proof In Public Security Administration Procedure
3. The Research On The Proof Standards Of Criminal Proceeding
4. Research Into Proving Of Illegal Evidence
5. Research On Death Penalty Case Proof Standard
6. Research Of Proof Of Criminal Defendant
7. A Study On The Responsibility Of Folklore
8. A Study On The Related Problems Of Proof Standards In Criminal Proceedings In China
9. On Standards Of Arrest Proof
10. Administrative Penalty Case Discussions
11. Review On Standard Of Proof In Civil Procedure
12. Theory Of Proof Of Illegal Evidence
13. Study On The Proof Of Independent Sentencing Procedures
14. Research On The Proof Standards Of Subjective Elements In Bribery And Corruption Cases
15. The Burden Of Proof And Certification Standards Of Exclusionary Rule
16. Problems Existing In China‚Äôs Application Of Death Penalty Of Homicide Crimes & Countermeasures
17. The Research On Problem Of Conditional Arrest System
18. Proof Standards And Evidence Review In Drug Crimes Of Death Penalty Cases
19. A Research On The Distribution Of Burden Of Proof In Criminal Proceedings
20. Substance Rules And Proof Standards Of The Hermeneutics Of Criminal Law
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