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1. A Research On Legal Issues Of Affiliated Corporation
2. The Related Transactions Of The Listed Companies And Legal Provisions
3. Research On Manipulating Profit By Means Of Related Party Transactions In Chinese Listed Companies
4. Research On Normalizing Related Transactions Of The Chinese Listed Companies
5. The Empirical Study On The Related Transaction And Earning Management Of Loss Companies
6. The Study On Several Questions About Reform Of Listed Company's Corporate Governance
7. Analysis Of Related Transactions Of Repaying Debts With Non-cash Assets In Shenzhen Listed Companies
8. Study On Benefits Transferring In Companies With Rights Offering: Evidence From Related Transactions
9. The Related Transactions Of Listed Companies And Legal Provisions
10. Legal Regulation Of Operators Of Collective Investment Scheme Involve In Related Transactions
11. Research On The System Of Information Disclosure By Listed Companies About Related Transactions
12. Research On Company Law Of Related Transactions
13. Physical Review And Procedure Review Of The Fairness Of Related Transactions
14. Legal Regulations Of Listed Companies' Related Transactions In China
15. On Issues Of Legal Regulations Of Affiliated Transactions In Listed Companies
16. A Study On Supervision Law System Of Financial Holding Company Related Transactions
17. Research On Legal Regulation Of Related Transactions Of Listed Companies In China
18. A New Discussion On Related Transactions
19. On The Legal Regulation And Practice Of Related Transactions In China 's Securities Market
20. Related Transactions Information Disclosure System
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